Humans Being - Embodied Movement Meditation with Cathy Ryan

5 Rhythms

Humans Being : 5 Rhythms

The 5 Rhythms® is a dynamic moving meditation shaped and created by Gabrielle Roth ( Open to all, whatever your background age or physical ability, it's essentially a practice to bring us into balance, into a sense of alive presence and stillness.
A map inviting us to explore how it is to be here in our human bodies by moving through 5 archetypal landscapes of energies and ways of being:

Flowing   Staccato   Chaos   Lyrical   Stillness

Some of these Rhythms will be familiar ways of moving or being, some not so familiar and some of them, we have no idea how they move within us or where they'll take us.

Through moving and exploring the 5 Rhythms® map, we can dance and move our way into balance as a fully rounded, alive, living, loving, creative human being.

The 5 Rhythms® hold a simple and profound body of teachings, gateways to an essence of who we are.

Each of the Rhythms is related to an element, a life cycle, an emotion. Each Rhythm also has its shadow, the place where our moving energy gets blocked, doesn't breathe. In order to come into balance with ourselves we can also use the 5 Rhythms® map to become aware of those tender, vulnerable places in us where we have managed to get caught or tangled in the natural flow of life force that moves through us.

The 5 Rhythms® are:



Body            Self            Earth
Beginning our exploration through feet, body and breath, a moving of the self and our connection to the turning of the earth and our bodies.


Heart            Relationship            Fire
Moving into the pulse and beat of our bones, our hips and our definition.The shape of what's alive in us, the shape and structure of our fire, how we connect to others, relationship.


Mind            Community            Water
Melding our flow and staccato, trusting and releasing our heads and surrendering to the beat of our own inherent creativity and being. Releasing to the emotional intelligence and knowing of our intuition and creativity.


Soul            Ancestors            Air
Moving up and out, expanding into the space and breath of being alive, being who you are, your own individual self, feeling your place in the scheme of things and acknowledging your ancestral line, inviting a sense of gratitude and awe for all of the hands that life deals us.


Breath            Spirit            Ether
Exploring the possibilities of coming to a moving point of deep awareness and awakeness. An awareness and presence to the sense of being at the centre of yourself, open and balanced to the world around you.


There are five layers of classes and workshops in the 5 Rhythms® map, each of which can be danced and moved over and over again.
They are:



The wave is the bedrock of this practice and map, again and again we move through the 5 Rhythms®, alone, in partners, in community - using a wide variety of music and sometimes working in stillness we dive in and through the wave.
There are no steps, no particular way to be, only a willingness and gentle discipline to follow your movement through each of the 5 Rhythms®.

'Put the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself'   Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy


The Heartbeat level of the map takes us deeper into the heart of the 5 Rhythms® practice.
Moving our bodies, our emotions start to move as well.
In this landscape of the map we actively engage in an exploration of how the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion move, sometimes not so fluidly, in us. We begin to understand how we are responding to our feelings, thus giving us the potential for having more choice in our behavioural patterns.
We listen to the body, each other - we invite ourselves to pay attention to the amount of life force and energy that may be available to us as we turn our consciousness to these emotional realms and how they move.


Cycles is the exploration and unearthing of patterns and information about oneself by using the 5 Rhythms® map to move through the life cycle in relation to the Rhythms:
Flowing/Birth      Staccato/Childhood
Chaos/Adolescence      Lyrical/Maturity
and   Stillness/Death.


In Mirrors we begin to become aware and conscious of the various ways in which our ego has built up ways of being in order to function, survive and move along in this world of ours. These ways of being are not necessarily our true self, who we are if we peel away all the layers of defense and protection. Mirrors is a beautiful and courageous dance, to work and play with other humans through the 5 Rhythms® map in order to see our reflection and ultilmately to feel and move our ability to see and be seen, to love.


Dancing and moving till we are breath.

'Cruising emptiness'   Gabrielle Roth