Humans Being - Embodied Movement Meditation with Cathy Ryan

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Humans Being Workshops

Date Workshop Flyer Location Contact Email
Sep 1-3 Prayer Vienna Sibylle Halder
Sep 8-10 Nuts, Bolts and Stars Ongoing Group Mod 3 Heart Matters London Rebecca parkinson
Sep 15-17 Footsteps in the Sky Athens Marios Ristsoudis
Sep 22-24 Wild Prayer Soloturn Anya Gysin
Oct 20-22 Libido Fundamentals Dublin Eadaoin Ni Challarain
Nov 3-5 Travels Into Trance Malaga Laura Benitez
Nov 10-12 Nuts, Bolts and Stars Ongoing Group Mod 4 Still Point London Rebecca Parkinson
Dec 1-3 The Mask and The Body Belgium Nele Vandezande
Jan 12-14 Ceremony 4 Mod 1 Open flyer Dublin Iso Jorgensen
Jan 19-21 Nuts, Bolts and Stars Ongoing Group Mod 5 Prayer London Rebecca Parkinson
Jan 25-27 Relation Ship Mod 1 Intimacy Open flyer Israel Shelley Hermon
Feb 16-18 Shame and Beauty Mod 1: Every Light Casts A Shadow Vienna Sibylle Halder
Feb 23-25 The Empty Space Stuttgart Amala Petra Hocklin
Mar 16-18 Libido Fundamentals London Rebecca Parkinson
Apr 6-8 Ceremony 4 Mod 2 Dublin Iso Jorgensen
Apr 13-15 Travels Into Trance Holland Jaap van Barneveld
Apr 20 -22 Wild Prayer Antwerp Luc Du Cupyer
May 3-5 Relation Ship Mod 2 Libido Fundamentals Israel Shelley Hermon
May 25-27 Shame and Beauty Mod 2: What A Shame Vienna Sibylle Halder
Jun 24-29 Libido Fundamentals Residential Orval, Belgium
Jul 4-8 Mask, an OF Art in Motion workshop Paros, Greece Annie Neve
Jul 20-22 Ceremony 4 Mod 3 Dublin Iso Jorgensen
Sep 21-23 Libido Fundamentals Geneva Anya Gysin
Sep 28-30 Shame and Beauty Mod 3: Once Upon A Time Vienna Sibylle Halder
Oct 19-21 Ceremony 4 Mod 4 Dublin Iso Jorgensen
Nov 1-3 Relation Ship Mod 3 Presence Israel Shelley Hermon
Nov 23 to 25 Libido Fundamentals Perth Theva Indrasenan
Mar 8-10 2019 What a Shame Berlin Tamara Romaniuk

Other Workshops Cathy is Working On

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