Humans Being - Embodied Movement Meditation with Cathy Ryan

Northern Drum

Humans Being : Northern Drum

Northern Drum Shamanic Centre

I have studied and apprenticed for many years with Chris Luttichau the founder of Northern Drum Shamanic Centre and am currently a member of the Northern Drum Council. I weave traditional shamanic teachings into my movement work, hold vision quests and co teach with Chris from time to time. This community has been a wonderful home for me now for many years and has led me on many adventures both inside and outside...

Awakening, empowerment, transformation

We believe that when you begin to raise your own consciousness you contribute to raising that of the collective. Changing your thought processes and your ways of perceiving reality have a ripple effect creating change around you.

The prophecies of native people living many centuries ago foretold that the time we live in now would see our old structure come apart, and a new, more balanced one begin to emerge. This time holds the promise of an era where humanity can take a leap forward in consciousness. We are moving into a new cycle in the history of our planet.

At this turning point, Chris Lüttichau and the UK-based Northern Drum Shamanic Centre are dedicated to offering teachings which assist you in finding a way forward for yourself into the new cycle: knowing who you are, knowing your power, and healing wounds that may keep you from following your path.

Shamanic Teachings

We provide a complete body of universal, spiritual teachings covering all areas of life. These include core teachings in traditional shamanic healing methods, techniques for awakening consciousness and unlocking potential, and many other areas such as meditation, spirit contact, self-development and empowerment, the council way, nature awareness and dreaming.

These teachings are not only wise words, they are tools which can be applied on a physical level and affect the whole system body and soul, to bring about healing at a cellular level. They involve dance, song, ceremony and meditation as well as spoken word. They have the power to make the great circle of life whole again; and they form a part of what ancient peoples have called 'the original instructions', guiding us humans in how to live. They are time-tested, and can impart tremendous insight and strength.

These teachings bring the stability and wisdom of an ancestral heritage shared with us by elders, shamans and medicine people, and the excitement of what is relevant to our lives now. Our perspective is rooted in native people's knowledge of living in harmony with the earth, soul and spirit. We are open to the creative possibility in the meeting of that world with our evolving knowledge in a global community.

We are committed to supporting you on a journey of awakening, empowerment, healing and transformation, which you can discover at your own pace - the teachings we offer in our workshops and courses can guide you to: