Humans Being - Embodied Movement Meditation with Cathy Ryan

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Humans Being : Open Floor

I am a founding member of the recently launched Open Floor International. A creative collaboration of seasoned movement teachers with a culmination of many years of experience, facilitation and teaching of many kinds of movement practices, including 5 Rhythms, the work of Anna Halprin, Meditation Practices, Body Physchotherapy, Shamanic Practice and Artistic Modalities e.g visual art, writing and theatre.

We have developed a curriculum, a framework within which to explore what it means to be a human being, using a wide range of exercises, music, movement, reflections and enquiries.

What is it to be embodied physically, emotionally, mindfully and soulfully?

What is it to take in the information that we are 100% relational beings and have basic hungers for different kinds of relationship?

Working with a 4x4 curriculuum, we explore 4 realms of embodiment:

Physical, emotional, mindful and soulful embodiment

And 4 realms of relationship, the 4 hungers:

The hunger for Solitude, Connection, Belonging and Spirit

How can we move and include it all – feelings, other people, thoughts, wild passions, limitations?

Can we use movement to soften the tight spots in our selves and stretch our capacity for relationship?

What happens if we turn old repetitive thoughts into choreography for creative dances?

We use a variety of different anchors to hold us in our work, parts of the body, directions, polarities of movement, feelings, thoughts, breath, quiet, activation...

We work with specific intentions and landscapes e.g Shame in What A Shame...

We ask, how am I now? What’s possible? We find inspiration in the combination of all different kinds of music as well as working without it. Find direction. Push the limit. Settle down. Embrace paradox.

There's an essential movement language we all speak when we take these questions to the dance floor. We call on universal elements that are inherent in any moving body, such as breath, gravity, centering, expansion and contraction. This is the common ground that all embodiment practices share.

For further details on teacher trainings, workshops and the way we run our organization through Dynamic Governance, see